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Neuromuscular certification CE massage therapy

NCBTMB board approved CE provider 450679-08

Continuing Education (CE) Courses available from Bodywork Therapy Seminars, a division of Hands On Health Massage Therapy and Wellness:

Bodywork Therapy Seminars offers a variety of Continuing Education courses relating to clinical massage, client home-care instruction, and ethics.

Bodywork Therapy Seminars is an approved and accredited program certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (www.NCBTMB.org). Our approved provider number is #450679-08.

Practitioners may use the continuing education credits they earn for both the national certification and for any states that accept national certification CE accreditation for their state’s licensing requirements.

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  • With in the past two years, I have taken five of the six I-NMT courses and have thoroughly enjoyed learning and experiencing this modality. The knowledge I have learned during these courses has greatly improved my bodywork skills and deepened my understanding of the human body in a three dimensional perspective. These I-NMT courses have added years of experience to my practice, and my clients have benefited from this additional knowledge. Amber Noble, NC LMBT #10909 Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, I-NMT Method
    Amber Noble
  • Laura was clear and concise in her instruction. I would definitely take another I-NMT class from her and I am looking forward to applying the new skills I learned.
    Lavonne Kramer, Licensed PT
  • I liked how the Treatment Planning class was designed to have the students think through several different scenarios. I've learned how to guide my clients during intake such that they have therapeutic goals and have a sense that I have a plan of care in mind. It is refreshing to take a Treatment Planning course that's less about paperwork and more about real world problem solving.
    Susan Trask, NC LMBT, Clinic Owner
  • Taking the Myofascial Solation short course opened my eyes to myofascial curtains and how much they affect my access to underlying deep tissue structures. I think and work much more effectively among and between overlapping areas. I enjoyed the demonstrations given about physical myofascial properties and it's response to treatments.
    Cliff Morgan, NC LMBT
  • Thanks for the short courses. They help me fill out my CE requirements. When will you be offering classes online?
    Michael Lebarn, Va LMT
  • I love how I can mix and match classes that all relate to each other. The focus on a niche like I-NMT and how the school incorporates short courses [Ortho Assessment classes, Posture classes, and Movement Repatterning/Foam class] that all relate to acquiring clinical or specific based treatment knowledge gives me the opportunity to fully explore clinical techniques.
    Laura Miller, NC LMBT
  • I had no idea what to expect from the movement repatterning and foam rolling classes when I signed up. I went away with a greater knowledge of what to look for and do when treating someone whose balance is affected. I loved being introduced to movement repatterning and now I know who to refer (and how vital it is to refer) when I recognize balance issues. I love your connections to balance, exercise, and aging. I thought I knew everything about foam rolling … I wasn’t even touching the tip of the iceberg. Great class!
    Barbara Collins, NC LMBT
  • I’ve taken classes with several of the teachers in Hands On Health’s Bodywork Therapy Seminars program. I find all the teachers very accessible and full of practical knowledge.
    Tammy Cole, NC LMBT
  • Instructor generated good rapport with group and control of the group. We were a lively bunch and she managed to reign us in most of the time. Well done!
    Jane MacKenna, NC LMBT
  • I never knew how many layers of detail I could achieve when working on the low back and hip. My clients will benefit greatly from this advanced knowledge. When’s your next class?!?
    Brandi Almario, NC LMBT
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for breaking up the classes into smaller segments [15/16 CE vs 21 CE hours]. Your courses are chock full of so much and my head didn’t feel so much like bursting this past class. I’ll be back and plan to certify in I-NMT.
    Martha Cioffi, NC LMBT
  • I’m from Tennessee and it was nice to visit Raleigh, meet so many dedicated students, and have a resource so close by (well, kind of close by – ha ha) where I can reach out and ask for help.
    Nicole Genesse, TN LMT
  • It was challenging to locate obscure muscles. I liked when the instructor placed my hands exactly where they should go and helped me visualize where I was heading.
    Nicole Guzik, NC LMBT, Clinic Owner
  • I learned a lot from the real life clients that came in to present their case and receive bodywork. Their feedback helped me begin to master this skill.
    Jennifer Henderson, NC LMBT
  • Great anatomy review. Great individualized instruction and hands-on assistance. Greatly benefited from more experienced classmates.
    Michelle Little, Va LMT
  • I’ve taken the ethics class several times and each time I find the teachers to be very knowledgeable. Being challenged (and guided) to work through my ethical dilemma(s) is refreshing and fruitful.
    Renee Ward, NC LMBT
  • I liked the open forum with guided topics approach to your class.
    Claudette Wright, NC LMBT