Business: Getting Smart With Facebook Ads | 4 CE

Are you using Facebook Ads? Reaching out to potential clients, and staying in touch with loyal followers, is an important part of taking care of business on Facebook – but getting started, and knowing the best practices for success, can be daunting.

In this class, we’ll consider each step you need to follow in order to create effective ads and examine the options for fine-tuning in order to optimize campaigns for your business.

  • Understand the various objective options for Facebook ads
  • Know your audience and how to effectively target your ads by various criteria
  • Set your budget for maximum value and reach
  • Choose and use the best content for the campaign and your audience

Take the pain out of marketing on Facebook. Learn the ropes and thrive!

Note: Access to a laptop or computer is necessary to fully benefit from this course. Best case scenario is a laptop that you bring but there are other options. Contact us for more information.

This class compliments elements of the digital marketing class “Marketing Apps & Platforms” and the marketing class “Essentials Of Effective Social Media.”

This course is taught by William Dickinson.