3D Flexibility

3 Dimensional Flexibility

This is not just another stretching class. This is a compilation of the best practices from many movement modalities, to help you provide comfortable, effective bodywork to your clients who need to move without restriction. We live in a three dimensional world and our nervous system is capable of feeling and adapting to stimuli from all angles and directions. You will learn to take advantage of neuroscience to subtly encourage improved joint function, without resorting to torturous stretching and pulling techniques that make the client to feel like they have to recover after they leave the treatment room. Certified Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist: Posture and Pain Specialist Tom Maxson, LMBT will teach you how to mix eastern principles of breathing and balance with western principles of neurology and kinesiology to create, safe, pain-free (for you and your client), lasting movement in the muscles and fascia. Using methods from traditional Thai massage, zen shiatsu, sports massage, myofascial release, physiotherapy and more.

3D Flexibility for the Upper Body | 6CE

This class will focus on balancing the soft tissues of the spine and creating movement in the shoulders and arms as well as releasing respiratory muscles.

3D Flexibility for the Lower Body | 6CE

This class will focus on balancing the soft tissues of the hips and pelvis to allow for comfortable, optimal movement of the legs and feet.  

This class is taught by Tom Maxson, LMBT