Cupping Principles and Applications | 4 CE hours

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Cupping Principles and Applications | 4 CE hours

Thank you for your interest in taking our cupping short course. Cupping is a fantastic complimentary modality for any career massage therapist. Have you thought about using massage cupping in your practice but you feel you need more direction and a better understanding of how cupping helps?

In this course you will:

    • Gain confidence on using the tools of cupping;
    • Practice both stationary and glide cupping techniques;
    • Become aware of when cupping is an indicated & contraindicated therapy;
    • Have an additional technique in your skill set that protects your fingers & hands.
    • Practice both stationary and glide cupping techniques on broader regions of the body such as the torso
    • Acquire an informative consent template to use for your client education handout

This class comes with one free medium sized silicone cup! Take your cup home after class and get started with cupping your clients right away! Owning a cupping set is not required; practice cups, both silicone and plastic, will be on hand for use during class. However, if you already own a set, feel free to bring it along to class. Would you like to purchase a plastic cupping set ahead of the class? Good quality yet inexpensive sets can be found online.

What’s not included with these courses?

    • This is NOT a certification level course; you will be qualified to practice the techniques demonstrated in this course but the content covered in this short course does not give you the knowledge or testing required to claim you are certified in cupping techniques.
    • Glass fire cupping is not taught or demonstrated in this course.
    • Silicone cups will be available for purchase but plastic cupping sets can only be found online.

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