Myofascial Foam Rolling and Movement Repatterning

Myofascial Foam Rolling and Movement Repatterning | 4 CE hours

Self-Massage Techniques for You and Your Client

Foam Rolling Technique ClassFoam rolling is a great tool for home-care between massage therapy sessions. At Hands On Health, we call it the client’s home massage therapist. We have found that it greatly assists in muscle and fascia health maintenance and can make a treatment program more effective and less uncomfortable.

Your client can “take their massage home” by working with a foam roller for stretching, positional release, and self-massage of painful and tight muscle regions. Foam rolling massage is a wellness technique and should not be used if your client is in an acute healing phase or post surgical rehabilitation.

Foam Rolling Technique ClassLearn self care and client home care relating to opening restricted areas and increasing range of motion. Learn to safely teach these techniques to your clients so that they can practice self massage at home. Gain a better understanding of body mechanics and how they translate to dysfunctions for the body in motion.

Learn to recognize dysfunctional movement patterns and experience movement repatterning as a therapeutic approach. Learn to assist in re-establishing the neuromuscluar connections of the body. Help counter the effect of injury that results from habitual and dysfunctional movement patterns.

Movement RepatterningBenefits For The Therapist.
Assists in body mechanics, making you a more effective therapist Keeps mechanical injuries to a minimum
Another tool in your tool belt, for self care and client home care Can use as a quick pick-me-up between client sessions

Benefits for the Client
Promotes proactive home care and self massage Keep tissues healthy between sessions makes massage sessions more productive. Can be used to aid in sports training.

Taught by multiple team members each season. Please inquire if you are curious about your instructor.

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