Myofascial Release | 6 CE hours

Tx Fascial Solation - lateral torso

Myofascial Release | Laura Landsiedel Ford | 6CE

Myofascial Release addresses superficial fascial layers. Learn how to read these layers as overlying curtains that bundle muscle groups together, thus acting together on a posture pattern. Learn how to treat these curtains and follow their underlying muscular relationships with your hands.

Do you ever get stuck working on a primary treatment region such as the shoulder but want to touch on another region effectively such the lower body?
Preparing soft tissues with Myofascial Release prior to applying orthopedic, neuromuscular, and deep tissue techniques reduces any post treatment inflammation/bruising outcomes.
Learn the mechanisms by which one region of connective tissue affects another region, how to effectively use treatment time to address both the symptom area as well as key causal regions that might, at first glance, appear irrelevant.


Myofascial Release | Tom Maxson | 6CE

Using easy to understand examples and images, learn fascia fundamendals and how the muscles and fascia work together to create movement and structure.

Then, with that insight in-hand, assess and restore soft tissue imbalance, using gentle, comfortable techniques.

You will be able to give your clients lasting relief, even for chronic challenges, while giving them a profound treatment that they actually enjoy, instead of a deep tissue beating that they have to suffer through.


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