NMT: Abdomen, Torso, and Breath

Clinicians will often run into a wall when they apply neuromuscular techniques in isolation such as treating a shoulder condition by solely treating shoulder mobilizers. Learn to treat abdominal cavity musculature and fascia for low back/hip, torso/thoracic, and shoulder conditions. Explore diaphragm and intercostal treatments that enhance one’s ability to tap into greater breath capacity. Apply these techniques and assist in the reduction of postural stress and painful deviations.

Breath work in combination with I-NMT taps into the fascia that weaves the abdominal cavity together with the thoracic and pelvic cavities. This same fascia, when stuck or locked in a congealed state can affect the body’s organ health and function. Learn self care techniques that you can teach your clients. Help them learn these valuable techniques that literally tap into the body’s internal massage therapist.

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