Reflexology and Massage For High Performance Feet

reflexology training for NC LMBT ce classesPerformance means many things: Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Adaptability, Intelligent Movement, and Fluidity. Many of our clients demand optimal performance from their feet and targeted skill is how we deliver these results. Certified Reflexologist Tom Maxson, LMBT will teach you techniques from Reflexology that will allow you to understand how the feet connect to the whole body, sports massage and connective tissue techniques that prepare the feet to move optimally under specific strain patterns from repetitive stress, and traditional Thai massage techniques that invigorate and energize fatigued, immobilized feet. These workshops are designed to inform massage therapists to go deeper into the body to achieve effective, profound results by using neuroscience instead of brute strength. The class will be fun, interactive, and full of information that  makes your work easier and more targeted.

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