I-NMT Practitioner Certification

We offer two certifications, I-NMT Practitioner and Advanced I-NMT Practitioner. To be eligible to test for I-NMT Practitioner certification, a student must have taken these four (4) I-NMT classes and one or both of the extremity classes (Thigh and Lower Extremity | Rotator Cuff and Upper Extremity)*:

I-NMT: Abdomen, Torso, and Breath
I-NMT: Neck and Internal Jaw
I-NMT: Thoracic Outlet and Shoulder Mobilizers
I-NMT: Lumbar and pelvis

*By no means should this give the impression that the other two classes are less important (Thigh/LE and Rotator Cuff UE). Every I-NMT class has a lot to offer to advance a practitioner’s knowledge base. Students who are confident that they have grasped the concepts and feel they can apply the methods to unfamiliar regions may attempt to do so. It must be understood that missed material offered in the missed class may affect the ability to pass the certification exam.

A written examination, practical, and portfolio are required to certify as an I-NMT Practitioner. When you are ready to certify, contact us and we’ll provide more information about the portfolio and practical.
Testing fee: $150 and includes practical examination.

Certificate: certificate acknowledging certified I-NMT Practitioner status.

To Qualify as an Advanced I-NMT Practitioner:

Must be a certified I-NMT Practitioner or equivalent certified NMT practitioner (with another certification group).
Must have completed all 6 I-NMT courses (or special terms for a practitioner certified by another NMT group – terms determined per student)
Assistant for at least one I-NMT class
Proof of haven taken a Postural Assessment class (Hands On Health offers one but outside CE courses are accepted).
If only NMT certified (by another group), must take Myofascial Solation course..
Testing fee: $0 for I-NMT certified; Fee TBD for certified NMT (other group).
Certificate: certificate acknowledging advanced level certification