Bodywork Therapy Seminars instructor Tom Maxson NC LMBT 17313
Tom Maxson

NC LMBT 17313

I practice massage therapy and reflexology to help my clients achieve whatever goals they have for themselves and to cope with the stressful world we live in. Bodywork and Footwork can encourage balance, improve flexibility, improve sleep, optimize performance and calm the mind- if I can share a fraction of that potential with people who need those results, I consider it a job well done. I’m honored to be included in the Hands on Health team, because of the high standard of professionalism and integrity that is practiced here. In my 15 years as a licensed professional, I’m extremely grateful to have had opportunities to work with people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds and always aim to create an atmosphere of respect, comfort and compassion, for whomever is in need of relief on my table.

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William Dickinson

I thoroughly enjoy being a massage therapist. I have a passion for helping people and, as a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, I use the skills I’ve been taught, from my initial time in school, through various continuing education opportunities, to what I’ve learned from other therapists, and other providers, along the way, to most effectively provide care to those who come to me.

My passion for teaching is similar. I enjoy helping others succeed! This is especially true among my colleagues, and others, who work from the heart to serve the needs of their clients.

I recognize that, when it comes to managing and promoting your business on social media, not everyone finds it intuitive. For some, that’s putting it mildly – it can, in fact, be very frustrating. I’ve found, however, that once certain knowledge gaps are filled, and tools provided to assist the process, most people can become comfortable, even confident, with utilizing social media for their business.

The director of Bodywork Therapy Seminars (BTS) recruited me after noticing my own presence online and on social media and learning that I coach and teach classes on the subject matter. I’m happy to be a part of the team of instructors at BTS. You will see me involved with, obviously, social media offerings but you may also find me teaching ethics and other business courses, too. I look forward to meeting you in class!



Laura Landsiedel Ford


Laura Landsiedel, creator of the I-NMT continuing education series and I-NMT medical massage certification program and Director of Hands On Health’s Bodywork Therapy Seminars, is a certified St. John’s Neuromuscular Therapist since 2000, group practice clinic owner since 2002, and has been practicing and teaching bodywork since 1996. Course work designed and developed by Laura Landsiedel includes Foam Rolling, Glide Cupping, Movement Repatterning, Treatment Planning, Ethics, Myofascial Solation, and the I-NMT continuing education course series and medical massage certification. Laura is passionate about providing a quality continuing education experience for bodywork therapists. Students have often commented on her use of analogy and visual guidance as skilled elements in her teaching style. She keeps you engaged in the classroom and challenges you to think outside the box. Her techniques are precise yet allow for room for each therapist’s individual style. Laura’s humor also allows for lightness in a classroom filled with intense subject matter.

From January – July 2013, Laura joined the staff of the New Zealand College of Massage as a guest instructor. Her experience as lead instructor for the third year degree program is invaluable to her leadership within the I-NMT program and Bodywork Therapy Seminars. Since then, BTS has hosted one intern from NZ, Makarita Waiari, who is visiting us during her 3 month break between her first and second year. Perhaps some of you will meet her at our first course in the Spring 2014 series. Read her travel blog here:


Jessica Mai NC LMBT 6022
Jessica Mai

NC LMBT 6023 | BA UNC Chapel Hill 

Jessica Mai is a certified neuromuscular therapist and licensed NC massage and bodywork therapist with 13 years practical bodywork experience.

Jessica graduated in 2005 from Miller-Motte (Wilmington, NC) has been a therapist with Hands on Health since 2007. She received her BA in Exercise and Sports Science from UNC Chapel Hill in December of 2015 in order to deepen her working knowledge of bodies in motion. Jessica enjoys working with athletes, pregnant women, and those suffering from “computer posture”. She became became proficient in medical massage by certifying as an Integrated Neuromuscular-Myofascial Therapist. Glide cupping technique and safety is a passion she enjoys sharing with other bodywork therapists.

Maureen Bertolo
Maureen Bertolo

Described as an innovative strategic thinker with experience in entrepreneurship, teaching, coaching, competency-based curriculum development, instructional design, assessment development, consulting, facilitation, talent management, recruitment, teamwork, program and organizational development, strategic planning, leadership, sales and marketing, process improvement and mentoring.

• Personal Strengths – The ability to build relationships, influence others, achieve collaborative results, multi-task, problem-solve, business and program development, project a credible, knowledgeable and enthusiastic attitude, create a team environment, and inspire others to do their best work within a multi-cultural environment.

• Curriculum Design and Delivery – Developed and/or facilitated 100+ customized training curriculums and programs in the subjects of leadership, supervision, management, communication, coaching, time, stress and conflict management, emotional intelligence, meeting facilitation, teacher training, presentation skills, and peer coaching. Clients: National and Global – Range from Fortune 500’s to start-ups. Diverse Industries include banking, technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, education, non-profits, state and local governments, wellness and health care.

• Certifications
– Professional Coach – Performance and Business
– Certified Master Level Trainer
– Nationally Certified and State Licensed Massage Therapist
– Certified DiSC, Myers Briggs and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator
– PeerSpective Facilitation

Author: Bringing Out The Best In Yourself and Others

Specialties: Teaching
Organizational Development
Instructional Design and Customized Curriculum Development
Assessment design
Program Development and Management
Teacher Training
Talent management
Leadership Development (Business and Education)
Stragetic Planning

Meridith Glass


Meridith is a graduate of UNC Greensboro. She has been working as a massage therapist at Hands On Health for 9 years. She is currently the Internal Trainer for the Hands On Health staff and has lots of experience and education in Neuromuscular Therapy. Meridith excels at postural assessment, temporal-mandibular joint (TMJ) release and treatment of hip and neck dysfunction via the practice of pelvic stabilization. Her background in stage theater at UNC gives her unique insight when working with artists, dancers, and theater professionals. Her talent and personality mesh well with her knowledge of the body and movement to bring you a great learning experience with our INMT classes.

Bodywork Therapy Seminar Courses Taught By Meridith Glass:

  • INMT:Neck and Jaw
  • INMT:Thigh and Lower Extremity
  • INMT:Thoracic Outlet and Shoulder Mobilizers